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STM brings unrivaled safety and security solutions to your campus community. In addition to our rigid pre-employment screening, STM selects School Security Officers (SSO) who have established tenure as a security professional preferably with combined experience in law enforcement and/or military training.  STM SSO's are also required to possess both SB 1626 (School Security) and P.C. 832 (Law Enforcement) certifications to further enhance their training and qualifications.

We utilize a modern GPS-enabled, web-based, real-time reporting technology, which provides school administrators the ability to stay abreast of the daily activity occurring at their campuses.  This software assists administrators to immediately identify and address issues and trends occurring, to include maintenance issues.  All notable incidents are time-stamped, photographed and immediately forwarded to the designated points-of-contact.

Let STM help you effectively manage and mitigate risk at your campus. Call us today to learn more.