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Corporate and industrial operations are complex and diverse environments. Regardless of size or industry, every successful enterprise has a corporate culture and identity that is unique to them alone. To that end, every organization faces their own set of distinct daily security challenges. STM understands this and recognizes the importance of delivering an effective security solution that is customized to meet each of our client's individual needs. We protect both tangible and intangible assets by utilizing skilled security professionals, combined with cutting-edge reporting technology that is custom-designed to assist you in improving the efficiency and profitability of your organization.

 We will expertly manage every aspect of your security program from access control to executive protection.  STM officers will protect your staff during challenging exit interviews, reduction in force action and diligently guard your assets and equipment from loss and theft. Whatever your products or services may be, we will expertly safeguard your workplace and assets so that you are able to focus on the growth and success of your organization.

Some examples of the industries and clientele we serve and protect are: