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Shareholder Meetings

Corporate Campuses

Class A Commercial

Critical Infrastructure

Dignitaries and V.I.P.'s

Cannabis Dispensaries

Movie Sets & Film Premieres

Office Parks

Retail Centers

Retail Jewelry Stores 

Supply Chain


Corporate enterprises are challenging environments. Regardless of size or industry, every successful firm has a culture and identity that is unique unto itself. To that end, each organization faces their own set of distinct daily security and safety objectives. STM understands this and recognizes the importance of delivering an effective asset protection solution that is customized to meet a company's individual needs. 

​We protect both tangible and intangible assets by utilizing skilled security professionals combined with cutting-edge technology to assist you in reducing liability and improving the efficiency and profitability of your organization.

We will expertly manage every aspect of your security program from access-control to executive protection. STM officers will protect your staff during challenging exit interviews, reduction-in-force action and board meetings. We will safeguard your people, property and information so that you are able to focus on what is most important to the success of your organization. 


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