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STM is an industry leader with a proven record of delivering results-driven residential security solutions. In fact, we have gained national recognition for our ability to restore peace, tranquility and a sense of community at some of Northern California's most challenged multi-family residential developments.

STM has received numerous performance-related awards and honors for our outstanding community service.  We were honored by the City of San Francisco with the esteemed Citizen's Commendation award for our officers' outstanding bravery and valor in the commission of their duties.  We we have also been instrumental in reducing police calls-for-service by 80% at one of the largest and most infamous multi-family communities in Hayward, CA.  

We are a certified, "Crime-Free Multi-Family" organization through the City of Hayward Police Department.  The Crime Free program is a program used by many municipal police departments in cooperation with property management companies throughout North America, Australia, parts of Europe, and Japan. In addition to the formal training demands we place on our housing staff. STM provides its officers with ongoing training to maintain their State-required certifications.

As a service enhancement, we utilize an electronic reporting system to provide premier reporting services to our clientele. This reporting technology tool, with GPS enabled devices, provides real-time, web-based reporting technology with 24-hour customer service aimed at streamlining asset monitoring services.  Our clients are able to monitor patrol activity any time from any location throughout a scheduled shift. All notable events are time-stamped, photographed and immediately sent to the assigned designees. Our real-time reporting system provides management with reporting tools that identify and track specific trends and issues occurring at any site within their portfolio through the use of filtering information by specific units, tenants, parking stalls, vehicle, and location, etc.

We encourage you to contact us today to reduce crime and dramatically improve the overall quality-of-life for your residential development.