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special events


Due to the pandemic crisis, STM is adhering to local, State and Federal mandates to keep our staff and clients safe and healthy to limit exposure and prevent the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, STM does not currently provide security services for Special Events until it becomes safe for us to do so.  We appreciate your understanding.

STM will work closely with your organization to ensure that your special event remains safe and runs seamlessly. We will strategically plan and implement a customized security detail designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of  your unique venue. Uniformed and plainclothes event-specialists will provide you with the assurance that your special event will be a success when it is of the utmost importance.


Here are some of the various venues we provide services for:

  • Corporate Conventions
  • Corporate Parties
  • ​County Fairgrounds
  • Large Gala Events
  • Premieres
  • Private Special Events
  • Public Appearances
  • Shareholders' Meetings
  • Sporting Events